At Floor Land we sell products of all the best brands on the market. We stock a vast range of carefully selected accessories that match every floor covering that we sell. Our Store offers a solution for every finish and situation. Within the range of Quick Step Incizo Profiles section, you can effortlessly design your brand-new staircase with our identical nosing's. Perfectly colour match your Laminate Floor scotia beading with your floor. Or you can find the exact door thresholds to blend & finish your lovely new flooring. We also do a large variety of Laminate and Wood Flooring Underlay. Hey, we can even find your exact match for skirting boards, which will also suit your floors. Look at our wide range of Accessories below. 

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Ultra-Floor DPM IT Damp Proof Membrane 5kg


Prime it Multi-surface Primer


Ultra-Floor DPM it Damp Proof Membrane 10kg


Elka Rigid - Bonding Glue


Elka Grip - PVA Glue


Quickstep Wood Flooring Glue Trowel


Quickstep Livyn Vinyl Glue - QSVGLUE6


Elka Trade Flex Refill - Bonding Glue


Elka Trade Flex - Bonding Glue


Quickstep Livyn Vinyl Glue - QSVGLUE15


Elka Trowel Flex Bonding Glue - ELKATROWELFLEX


Quickstep Parquet Glue - QSWGL16


Quickstep Flooring Glue Trowel For Vinyl Floors