Fitting Solid Wood Flooring

The installation process for solid wood flooring is quite technical and will demand a higher level of expertise than traditional laminates or other types of hard flooring. There are three methods of installation when it comes to solid wood, nailing, gluing and the use of an adhesive underlay.

Before the boards are installed, they will need to become acclimatised to the temperature in your home. You can do this by leaving them in the box in the middle of the room for 7 days. The room should be kept at a steady temperature, around 18 degrees is about right.

Once the floor is ready to be installed, make sure that you prepare the sub-floor. Remove any dust, dirt, and debris by sweeping, mopping, and hoovering the floor. Make sure it’s dry. It should also be level.

When installing a solid wood floor, always remember that wooden boards expand and when they do, they will expand width ways rather than length ways. Careful attention should be paid to the width of the room. If the room is larger than 10 meters wide, you will need to separate the installation into sections leaving a suitable expansion gap. Threshold trims or similar can be used to hide the gap.

The right installation techniques are important because it can have a significant impact on the overall finish.