Step into the world of top-notch flooring with Floor Land – a name synonymous with excellence and quality in Warrington. A now known leading brand in the UK's flooring industry, we are unrivaled when it comes to expertise and customer satisfaction.

Two Decades of Flooring Excellence

Our journey spans over twenty enriching years, during which we've supplied thousands of homes across the UK with exquisite flooring. We take immense pride in the fact that we've consistently offered these high-quality products at prices that defy competition. But our commitment doesn’t end there. We believe that an excellent product should be paired with equally great customer service, and this ethos has been the driving force behind our outstanding reputation.

From Humble Beginnings to Flooring 

At the heart of Floor Land's success story is our founder, Lee McCarthy. His entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundation for a company that, today, stands out as set up which is based on quality, affordability, and environmentally sustained products in the flooring industry. Lee's personal journey in the industry, partnered with his unwavering commitment to providing value has centered his focus around customer values which is embedded into the DNA of Floor Land.

His philosophy is simple: Do the job right once, or pay higher prices by doing it twice. High-quality flooring shouldn't be a luxury, but accessible to all. Whether you're looking for herringbone flooringlaminate flooring, parquet flooring, vinyl flooring, vinyl tiles, wood flooring, or even wall panels, Floor Land Warrington is there to help you through your journey.

A Cohesive Team, A Shared Vision

Our vision resonates throughout our team. Comprising seasoned professionals who are not just experts in their respective domains but also passionate about flooring, the Floor Land team functions like a tight-knit family. Our shared commitment is to ensure that every customer finds the perfect flooring solution tailored to their needs.

Our collective expertise covers the large spectrum of the flooring world. Whether you need insights into the latest flooring trends, design inspiration, or firsthand guidance with installation – our team is equipped and ready to assist.

Your Flooring Journey Begins Here

At Floor Land, we’re more than just a flooring company in Warrington – we’re your partners in transforming your home or business space. With our extensive range, unparalleled expertise, and unwavering commitment to quality and service, we're confident in providing you with unmatched flooring experience.

Why Choose Floor Land?

Your flooring isn't just a component of your home, it's the foundation upon which many cherished memories are made. Whether it’s the pitter-patter of tiny feet, the quiet shuffling of an early morning, or the energetic dances on a Friday night, every home has its unique rhythm. At Floor Land, we ensure that the beat goes on, uninterrupted. But why should you choose us?

1. A Large Selection of Choices

To us, variety is  our specialty. Our inventory includes:

Whatever your choice, preference, or budget, we cater to all.

2. Experience Our Showroom Virtually or Physically

Located in Warrington, our large showroom is a testament to our vast collection of flooring. You can quickly visit in person, or our well-organized website, designed for user-friendly browsing, is your virtual showroom.

3. Delivery, Tailored to Your Schedule

Enjoy free complimentary delivery for orders above £500 across mainland UK. We understand the constraints of a busy schedule, so pick from AM or PM deliveries. For those who like precision, contact us on your delivery day and we can supply you with two-hour delivery window so that you're not sat in all day.

4. We Value Your Money

Found a flooring option cheaper elsewhere? Bring it to our notice. We not only price match, but aim to beat it. Our Price Match Promise stands as a testament to our commitment to offering value.

5. Touch, Feel, Decide

Deciding from images can be difficult and daunting. To eliminate guesswork, we dispatch free samples anywhere in the mainland UK within 24-48 hours. Feel the texture, assess the color, and make a confident choice.

6. Flexible Finance Options

Quality doesn't have to be heavy on the pocket. Our partnerships with well established finance providers like Ideal4Finance and Klarna, means we can offer flexible payment options. Spread your costs and enjoy your flooring now!

Choose Floor Land: Were Quality Meets Affordability

At Floor Land, it's not just about selling floors; it’s about laying the foundation for homes. With our range, service, and commitment, you don’t just buy a product, you invest in a promise. A promise of quality, durability, and beauty. Choose wisely, choose Floor Land.

Get In Touch with Floor Land

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