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Best Flooring in Luton

We serve residential and commercial customers across Bedfordshire making us one of rhe best suppliers and stockists of flooring in Luton.

Commercial Flooring? If you have a retail space that needs new flooring that is durable and fit for purpose we have a range of laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, wood flooring and parquet flooring in stock and ready to go!

Many of our flooring products are waterproof, so if you have a tendency for spillages check out our collections online today.

Residential Flooring? Whether you have one room to fit out, or you’re installing flooring throughout your property, we have a range of classic and contemporary designs that will suit any interior design taste.

Our team is trained and ready to give you any advice or recommendations you may need - pop into our showroom in Warrington or get in touch with us online via our website.

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Step into the world of top-notch flooring with Floor Land, a name synonymous with excellence and quality in Luton. Now known leading brand in the UK's flooring industry, we are unrivaled when it comes to expertise and dedication to our customers, and craft.

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Best Flooring Suppliers in Luton

Vinyl herringbone LVT flooring is a good choice for flooring in a home. It is durable, long-lasting and comes in a variety of finishes.

Definitely, vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial spaces in Luton, known for its beauty and versatility. Our range includes popular flooring types like laminate, vinyl, wood, and parquet in various styles, patterns, and finishes.

Yes, you can buy bathroom flooring in Bournemouth. We would suggest Vinyl flooring as it is 100% waterproof. Have a look at the Floor Land website for more information www.floor-land.co.uk

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