Solid Wood Species Options

When it comes to solid wood you will know that there’s the traditional oak variety, but did you know that there are many other species that you can buy? Each species has its own little intricacies so it’s important that you choose one that reflects your style, requirements, and preferences. The main species of solid wood flooring include:

Solid Oak – Solid oak floors the most popular and well known, available in a variety of distinct colours. The unique pattern of oak is quite distinctive in that it offers a straight and swirling grain with a silvery texture. Knotting is quite common giving oak its classic and timeless appearance. When placed in direct sunlight it will darken over time.

Solid Ash – One that you’ve not heard of Ash is hard and is often lightly coloured, with an almost creamy colouring. It has a straight yet bold open grain with distinctive markings and patterns. It too will become darker when exposed to direct sunlight.

Solid Beech – With a slightly pink hue about them, solid beech floors have an almost speckled surface. The flecked appearance within the grain of the wood gives the flooring character and something a little different. Beech flooring is resistant to denting from shoes or other items and has the same kind of strength as oak but with a more consistent grain. Also darkens in sunlight in time.