Uniclic Locking System

When it comes to flooring, hardwood flooring is leading the way. Wood flooring has always had a timeless appeal and fits into any surroundings, commercial or residential. It brings with it a natural warmth and instant appeal that few other types of flooring can match.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people installing wood flooring in their homes. But alongside an ever-growing DIY trend, there is a great demand for affordable wood flooring that DIY’ers and non-DIY’ers alike can easily install themselves.

The introduction of the Uniclic® flooring locking system by Unilin Technologies took the wood flooring industry by storm. The first one-piece flooring locking system that didn’t need glue to enter the market, is now the industry’s favourite. But what makes it stand out as a number one flooring system and why is it touted to be the best in the world?

What is Uniclic flooring?

Uniclic is a locking system for flooring that ‘locks’ wood flooring planks together securely, without the need to glue them together. It is renowned for creating a strong lock but still retains an element of flexibility. This allows for a small bit of stress movement after the panels or planks are locked in place.

The use of pre-tension locks them closely together, ensuring there aren’t any spaces or gaps between the floor panels or planks. Flexibility allows for a certain amount of tolerance without losing the security of the joints when interlocked. However, pre-tension eliminates any gaps or spaces which limit movement and therefore reduces the possibility of any creaking sounds when walking on the floor.

For flooring manufacturers using the Uniclic system, production is simplified as they can combine wide milling tolerances alongside standard tooling. In addition, the manufacturer is allowed to adjust the Uniclic profile to suit their preferences (if they are a Uniclic licensee).

How does Uniclic wood flooring work?

The flooring panels or planks are tongue-and-groove shaped on the horizontal (long) side or vertical (short) side, depending on the type of flooring, to allow simple installation using an angular rotation movement.

One panel or plank is slotted into the receiving panel or plank at an angle and then lowered to the floor at the same time to ‘snap’ the two together. This method of installation is ideal if you are nearing an edge of a room or are working in a tight space. Alternatively, it can be installed horizontally by sliding one panel into the other until the tongue-and-groove mechanism locks together.

The unique aspect of the Uniclic system is that it can be used on the long as well as the short side of the flooring plank and is suitable for all types of flooring materials from 3.2mm in thickness.

Installation is easy with the Uniclic flooring system, meaning you will be able to install your choice of hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl flooring without the need for expensive tools or professional installers. Once you’ve mastered the Uniclic locking system, it is a quick process to put down hardwood vinyl or laminate flooring.

Benefits of the Uniclic locking system for flooring

If you’re refurbishing your home or just replacing an old floor in one room, the Uniclic flooring system ensures fast and easy home installation. It also provides a safe and secure floor that isn’t going to move or creak as you walk on it.

There are several unique benefits to the Uniclic locking system.

  • Cost effective flooring – because the locking system is universal for a range of flooring types, and manufacturers can produce the flooring with the locking system without the need for any expensive tooling, it provides an affordable way of laying a new wood, vinyl, or laminate flooring in your home

  •  Two methods of installation – the system is designed in such a way that it can be installed horizontally, or using an angular rotation movement

  • No gaps or spaces – once locked into position, it creates a secure joint that doesn’t show any gaps or spaces

  • Quick, clean, and easy installation – once you’ve mastered the angled locking system, fitting your flooring together becomes a quick and easy installation process. Plus, because the flooring locks tightly together there is no need to use sticky, messy glue

  • Easy to use locking system – the locking system is simple and easy to master. Because it is an angled joint, you will be able to lock the flooring together easily, even in tighter spaces

  • Create a seamless joint – the Uniclic flooring system ensures there are no height differences in the flooring, ensuring a joint that is completely smooth and seamless

  • Strong yet flexible locking joints – when the two panels of flooring snap together, it creates an extraordinarily strong, tight joint. But the lower lip of the joint has flexibility to allow for a little bit of movement when it is walked upon. This ensures there are no creaking or sounds created when you walk on the floor

  • Ensures a water-tight joint – the patented Uniclic technology ensures the flooring locks together to form a water-tight joint so that any spills on the surface don’t seep through. This prevents any build-up of mildew, mould or damage to the subfloor beneath

  • Fits different flooring materials – the design and uniqueness of the Uniclic locking system means it can be used by manufacturers on a range of flooring materials, if the thickness is a minimum of 3.2mm

  • Lifetime warranty – the Uniclic locking system comes with a lifetime warranty, which ensures the durability, stability, and longevity of your flooring

  • Best technical performance – it is an award-winning locking system for flooring that has consistently outperformed all other locking systems. It is unmatched in terms of technical performance and production efficiency for manufacturers.

Most wood, laminate and luxury vinyl types of flooring routinely incorporate the leading Uniclic flooring system. To fit your own beautiful flooring in an easy, uncomplicated way, choose Uniclic flooring Warrington.

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