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Wood flooring is an extremely versatile type of flooring, with the potential to add character and warmth to any space and is growing in popularity in places that traditionally were carpeted - such as stairways.

If you’re planning to give your stairs a bit of a modern makeover, then installing wood flooring is an option to consider. Although not without challenges, with the right preparation, there are many benefits to installing wood flooring on your stairs. 

Wood is a natural material that comes in numerous unusual species, colours, and finishes. Many people love the natural look of wood and its many benefits over other types of floors. 

One thing that puts a lot of people off from using wood flooring on stairs is that they think it will be slippery and dangerous - especially for children and pets.

However, if you get the right kind of wood flooring, then it’s perfectly safe to use on the stairs, and can be a lot easier to deal with than carpet.

If you’re wondering whether you should be using wood flooring on your stairs, but are concerned about safety, here are some of the ways you can use laminate flooring or hardwood flooring on your stairs safely.

Choose the right hardwood flooring

When you start shopping around for hardwood flooring, you’ll notice that there are many distinct products on the market to choose from, and not all of them are suitable to use on your stairs. 

Each product will tell you which rooms it can be used in, so make sure you choose laminate or hardwood flooring that is suitable for use on stairs. You can also find products that specifically offer non-slip features, so it’s always an innovative idea to ask about these when shopping for flooring for your stairs.

Add some non-slip accessories

Many people choose to add things like a carpet runner or some non-slip carpet treads to their stairs when they’re adding hardwood flooring or laminate flooring. If you want to avoid the look of carpet altogether, you can even add clear, self-adhesive stair treads to each step to prevent any slips.

Adding things like this to your stairs will give you peace of mind, but also keep your stairs in good condition and prevent things like scratches if you have a lot of foot traffic on them.

Go easy on the varnish

When it comes to real hardwood, one of the things that keeps it protected and gives it that luxurious shine is having varnish added to it, however, the downside of varnish is that it can be quite slippery, so it isn’t the best thing for stairs.

The good news is that you can keep your floors looking great and ensure they’re protected by using a non-slip varnish, and if you’re using laminate flooring on your stairs, you can use a floor grip solution that you apply to the floor to prevent slips.

If you have flooring that isn’t suitable for a non-slip varnish, then it’s best to keep the varnish to a minimum, and even give the top layer of varnish a light sanding to make the surface slightly more coarse and less slippery.

Even if you have hardwood flooring on your stairs that are already varnished, over time you’ll see that they start to lose some of it and become grainier as the natural wood shows through, and this can help with making the stairs less slippery, as well as help give your stairs that authentic wood look.

Seek professional advice

Hardwood flooring is easy to install yourself, even on stairs. However, if you’re concerned about safety, then it’s always a clever idea to get a professional opinion and hire someone to help you with installing this floor. 

An experienced professional will be able to ensure that the right type of hardwood flooring is used on the stairs and give you tips on how to maximise safety when using these.

 Let us help

We understand how overwhelming it can sometimes be to pick the right flooring for any room in your home, but especially for your stairs where there are so many things to consider.

So, whether you prefer to shop online and browse our extensive range of Quick Step Laminate flooring solutions, or you’d like to visit our fully stocked Warrington showroom, our team of friendly experts at Floor Land are here to help with any questions you have.

From helping with design and planning, to choosing the right type of materials, we’re here to ensure you find the right type of flooring for you, at the best possible price. 

If you’re looking for the best quality laminate flooring in Warrington, or simply want to learn more about the several types of hardwood flooring for stairs on offer, you’ve come to the right place. 

So, give us a call today on 0800 996 1922 to have a chat about your next project.

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