What is Quickstep Impressive Laminate? Everything You Need to Know!

Quick Step Impressive Laminate Classic Oak

If you’ve recently spent time looking for new hardwood flooring or laminate flooring, a name you might have heard is Quickstep Impressive Laminate. Now, this flooring brand seems to be everywhere, but what exactly is it? Why is it so special, and is it worth it?

This post will cover Quickstep Impressive Laminate in more detail and hopefully help you decide if this flooring suits you.

What Makes Quickstep Impressive Laminate Different?

A fully waterproof laminate flooring, Quickstep Impressive Laminate is hugely popular because, unlike other types of laminate flooring, Quickstep Impressive has been designed to look and feel just like natural hardwood flooring but without the high price tag this usually carries.

Quickstep Impressive Laminate also requires far less maintenance than other types of flooring, so it’s an excellent choice for families or if you’re looking for a longer-lasting laminate flooring solution without breaking the bank.

Thanks to the natural look and feel of Quickstep Impressive Laminate, it adds a beautiful, cosy and vibrant look to your home and looks great in any room.

So, whether you’re looking for a natural varnished oak for a modern look or prefer a more traditional style in scraped oak grey brown, you’ll find a full range of Quickstep Impressive Laminate flooring within our fully stocked Warrington showroom and our online shop where you can request free samples that are dispatched within 24 hours.

Where Can Quickstep Impressive Laminate Be Installed?

One of the best things about Quickstep Impressive Laminate is that it can be installed in any room of your choice, including kitchens and bathrooms thanks to it being 100% waterproof and the innovative Hydro-Seal surface technology that keeps all moisture and water from getting into the flooring.

So, whether you want a distinctive look in every room or a cohesive one across your home, you can use Quickstep Impressive Laminate flooring to create whatever look you want.

How Much Will Quick Step Impressive Laminate Cost?

As with all laminate flooring, the price you pay for your Quickstep Impressive Laminate will depend on the specific product you buy and the amount of flooring you need.

When you buy Quickstep Impressive Laminate flooring from Floor Land, you’ll find it available for as little as £25.99 per square metre, including VAT. 

Since Quickstep Impressive Laminate is such a high-quality, long-lasting, and versatile flooring product, as well as being completely waterproof, it’s often a much better investment than hardwood flooring or other types of flooring.

Let us help

We understand how overwhelming it can sometimes be to pick the right flooring for any room in your home, especially when there are so many things to consider.

So, whether you prefer to shop online and browse our extensive range of Quick Step Laminate flooring solutions, or you’d like to visit our fully stocked Warrington showroom, our team of friendly experts at Floor Land is here to help with any questions you have.

From helping with design and planning to choosing the right type of materials, we’re here to ensure you find the right type of flooring for you at the best possible price.

If you’re looking for the best quality laminate flooring in Warrington or simply want to learn more about the several types of hardwood flooring on offer, you’ve come to the right place.

So, call us today on 0800 996 1922 to chat about your next project.

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