Is Vinyl Flooring Durable?

Durable Vinyl Flooring is the most popular form of resilient flooring. Due to its minimal maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and high-water resistance, vinyl flooring lends a perfect balance of firmness and comfort. Moreover, luxury vinyl tiles and planks are the sought-after forms of flooring due to their versatility and longevity; besides, they also simulate the look of a stone, wooden floor, or ceramic tile. These attributes are among many reasons why vinyl flooring has gained in the recent past.


 Is vinyl flooring durable?

Time is changing, and so is vinyl flooring. Vinyl Flooring has evolved, and there are types of which we can witness in various parts of the world. Be it vinyl plank flooring or luxury vinyl tile flooring, vinyl offers a more realistic option with a longer lifespan than other tiling options. However, despite the advantages of vinyl flooring, we tend to compare it with laminate flooring. Yes, laminate might offer the same appearance and functionality, but there is a decisive edge with vinyl flooring. With a thicker and solid core, vinyl flooring provides better quality and durability than laminate flooring. From sheets to flooring material, everything that vinyl represents is 100 percent waterproof! Besides, if applied these vinyl flooring might last for more than 20 years. 

Nevertheless, if you are still perplexed upon why vinyl flooring, here are reasons that might satisfy your inquisitiveness: 

1) Budget-friendly

Undoubtedly, Vinyl is among the most affordable flooring types. The price range may vary as per the design, brand, pattern, and thickness; irrespective of that, there are always economical options available in vinyl flooring.



2) Varying finishes

Vinyl tiles offer you an array of delightful finishing options. Vinyl flooring design patterns are available in a range of looks, patterns, and colors. You will come across all designs especially when you explore the category of luxury vinyl plank flooring.

3) Easy to install and maintain

Alternative to bulky and inconvenient rolls, vinyl is lighter and easier to install. However, the installation depends upon the type of flooring you are choosing for your space. Besides, your dealer must have the right tools to measure the floor, understand the room’s symmetry, and install the flooring. 

Apart from getting it fixed, one can opt for DIY methods. They are easy and convenient with installation procedures like laminate flooring. 


4) Offer a luxurious look

A luxury vinyl tile offers a very immersive look for modular flooring. Unlike traditional Vinyl Flooring, in which single sheets are used, Tiles are laid out individually. It's often designed to look like natural Wood or stone but has wider practical usage as modern-day flooring.

Vinyl flooring designs match about any room

People love vinyl flooring options for a reason. In addition to being affordable, durable, and water-resistant, they offer you attractive textures, colors, and styles. Luxury vinyl tiles turn out to be genuine admiration. They prove to be more economical as compared to traditional wood flooring. You can increase your savings with these affordable tiling options that require minimal maintenance, easy and cheap cleaning modes, and last longer if taken appropriately maintained. 


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