Fitting Parquet Flooring Products

The installation process for parquet is complex and time consuming and as it is quite a specialist floor, it is recommended that you find a suitably experienced fitter who is skilled in this type of floor. That said, there are various steps that you should take to prepare the sub-floor before you start the installation process.

Floor Preparation

Before you start to fit the parquet floor, they will need to become acclimatised to your home environment. Often flooring will be stored in a cold warehouse or unheated environment so it will need to become acclimatised before installation. To allow the flooring to become acclimatised to the environment, place it in your home in the box at a consistent temperature around 18 degrees would be advised. The sub-floor should be as clean as possible. It should be free from dust, debris and dirt and it should be uneven. This means that to get the best results, there shouldn’t be any more than a 3mm deviation in a 1meter section of the floor.

When the sub-floor is properly prepared, you can start to think about the installation of underlay that the flooring will sit on. The underlay should be rolled out from wall to wall and trimmed with a sharp knife. Make sure that the edges of the underlay meet but do not overlap because this can create an uneven surface. Where a damp-proof membrane is used, this does need to overlap. For any pipework in the floor, it’s recommended that you leave a 10mm gap around them, but make sure that the damp proof membrane runs right to the edge of the wall to protect the edge of the board