Engineered Flooring Colour Options

Colour is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to choosing your engineered wood flooring because it must fit in with the overall style of your room and your existing furniture and furnishings. As well as the variations in colour, you can stain the floors to a lighter or darker shade to suit.

Dark Stained

When engineered wood floors are stained in a dark colour, they will create a deep black, brown, or golden appearance. This style of staining is best suited if you want to create a cosy feel or where your room is a vintage or antique theme. With darker staining floors are better able to hide dirt and dust.

Light Stained

Lighter staining will create an almost whitewashed effect to your floor. A lighter tone is perfect for contemporary spaces or darker rooms where you want to give the area a little lift. Lighter floors are better for hiding dents and scratches too.