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When selecting your engineered flooring, the importance of edging options cannot be overstated. The edge is the profile of the board's edge, and it can influence the overall appearance and feel of the room, as well as the maintenance needs of your floor. There are three main types of engineered flooring edging options: square edge, bevelled edge, and micro-bevel.

Square Edge Engineered Flooring

Engineered wood that features a square edge is characterized by boards that fit together seamlessly. This uniform connection results in a continuous, smooth, and harmonious floor surface. The square edge creates a sleek and modern aesthetic that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. This type of edging is ideal for contemporary spaces where clean lines and uniformity are desired. It provides the look of one solid wooden sheet, emphasizing the impression of continuity and simplicity.

The square edge is also advantageous for its easy maintenance. The lack of grooves between boards means there's less room for dust, dirt, and debris to accumulate. However, it's essential to ensure a precise installation, as any inaccuracies can result in visible seams and may compromise the uniformity of the floor.

Bevelled Edge Engineered Flooring

In contrast to the square edge, the bevelled edge engineered flooring option emphasizes the individuality of each board. Each piece of wood features a distinctive, bevelled groove at its edges, which adds depth and texture to the flooring. This results in a more traditional and rustic appearance, emphasizing the unique character of each plank.

This type of edge adds dimension and visual interest to your floor, offering a more informal, relaxed style. The bevelled edges also serve a functional purpose - they can conceal any slight discrepancies or gaps that can occur as the boards settle in over time. However, these grooves can potentially trap dust and dirt, requiring a little extra effort in cleaning and maintenance.

Micro-Bevel Engineered Flooring

Striking a balance between the square edge and the traditional bevelled edge is the micro-bevel. This edging option offers a subtle accentuation of each plank, without the pronounced groove of a full bevelled edge. The micro-bevel provides a certain level of depth and individuality to each board, enhancing the overall visual interest of the floor.

The micro-bevel is a practical choice for those seeking the character of a bevelled edge but with fewer maintenance requirements. The shallower grooves are less likely to accumulate dust and debris compared to a full bevel. This type of edge works well in both contemporary and traditional settings, providing a versatile aesthetic that suits a wide range of interior styles.

In conclusion, the choice of edging on your engineered flooring can significantly impact the room's aesthetics, functionality, and maintenance. Whether you prefer the seamless look of a square edge, the traditional charm of a bevelled edge, or the balanced appeal of a micro-bevel, there is an option to suit your personal style and practical needs.