Engineered Flooring Finishes

Engineered wood can include a variety of finishes which are applied to the floor once it has been installed. Each finish will create its own unique appearance and offer varying levels of protection too.

Satin Lacquer

If you want your flooring to have a smooth, slightly glossy finish, consider a satin lacquer finish. This is one of the most popular as it offers the lowest maintenance. Lacquered finishes are also great because they are resistant to scratching and splashing. When applied to the floor, it can also slow down the colour changing effects brought about by the sun.

Matt Lacquer

With a matt lacquer finish to the floor, the result is a more natural appearance with a slightly lower level of gloss. Matt lacquer gives the appearance like wax or oil finishes but is much more resistant to scratches. It’s another popular method of finishing an engineered wood floor and it also slows the colour changing effect brought about by the sun.

Natural Oil

The most traditional of all finishes, a natural finish creates a classic look to the floor. While oil will need applying more frequently than lacquer, it’s super easy to apply. Oiled floors do offer a lower level of protection than the other surface finishes, both from a wear and sunlight perspective.

Unfinished Floors

You may decide that you don’t want the floors to be coated in any protective layer. Where this is your preference, you can choose to buy unprotected floors with a completely natural appearance.