Engineered Flooring Trims & Profiles

Flooring trims and profiles are designed to make a seamless transition between several types of floors, such as engineered wood and carpet for example. These trims and profiles can accommodate gaps between floors or changes in the height of the floor.

Threshold Trims

Suitable for use on surfaces where your engineered wood floor meets another floor which is the same height. This type of trim will neatly conceal the expansion gap that exists between the two different surfaces.

Ramp Trims

This type of trim is usually fitted when an engineered wood floor meets a floor of a different level such as a vinyl or thin tile. 

Edge Trims

In the room there may be obstacles such as fireplaces, patio doors or built-in door mats that will need to be navigated around. Edge trims are perfect for this task, providing a clean, superbly finished edge.

Stair Nosing

Where engineered wood flooring is installed on stairs, nosing will run along the edge of each stair to create a seamless transition from stair to stair.

Carpet and Tile Trims

A specially designed trim that will create a joint in two floors which are at different heights such as a thicker and thinner floor covering.

Pipe Covers

Where flooring is installed around radiator pipes, pipe covers will sit freely on the floor to cover the gaps around the pipe, creating a neat and tidy finish. The pipe covers are available in two halves which can be glued together to sit neatly around the pipe.