Engineered Flooring Underlay

There are a few different underlays that you can purchase for your engineered wood flooring depending on the sub-floor and your requirements.


This type of underlay is designed to prevent the distribution of sound through the floor and reduce the sound of footsteps. Ideal for use in upstairs areas where you want to reduce noise as much as possible.


For heat retention purposes. All underlays will offer a certain degree of thermal insulation, thermal underlays are designed to retain heat which is great from an energy saving perspective.

Underfloor Heating

For flooring that will be installed over underfloor heating, you won’t want the underlay to prevent heat from rising through the floor. There is specialist paper felt and foam underlays which are designed to allow heat to flow through while offering a thin layer of protection.

Damp Proof Membrane (DPM)

Where the flooring is to be installed over water based underfloor heating or over concrete, an underlay with a damp-proof membrane will be required. The purpose of this membrane will stop moisture rising from the ground and wetting the floor underneath which can over time, cause damage.