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Engineered Wood Flooring Tools & Aftercare

The installation of engineered floors will require a number of tools and accessories to ensure a professional finish.

Engineered Floor Tools

If you are embarking on the challenge of installing engineered flooring yourself, the right equipment is crucial. Browse through our website and you will find a selection of quality installation tasks to make your job much easier. As well as our kits, you can also find lots of gadgets and tools to allow you to quickly and professionally install your flooring. From cutting knives through to clips for securing and spreaders there are lots of tools and equipment to choose from.


Once the installation is complete, the work doesn’t stop there. To prolong the life of your flooring and keep it looking in the best condition for the longest possible time you will need to follow a good care and maintenance routine. For day to day care, we have a range of cleaning products that are ideally suited to engineered wood and won’t damage or strip the colour or protective barriers. We also offer a variety of repair kits too in the event that your flooring is scratched or sustains slight damage. Using the right products is important and we have you covered for every eventuality.