Installing Luxury Vinyl Tiles

The installation technique that you use for a luxury vinyl tile will depend on the room or the type of flooring that you use. Vinyl tiles do require a different installation technique to regular vinyl so it’s important that you use the right method.

Vinyl Locking System

This type of tile is designed to look very much like real wood or tiles when installed but it has a locking system that makes the installation easy and quick. This type of flooring will require an underlay that sits between the sub-floor and the vinyl to support the joints that lock the tiles in place. One of the great advantages to this type of vinyl is that they can be easily removed and replaced or re-fitted if they need to.

Glue Vinyl

Like the traditional method of vinyl that you buy in rolls. It can be a little tricker to install when compared with the locking system because the task is more detailed and requires more time. With stick down vinyl tiles, you can customise the look to suit your requirements. You can also add feature strips too which can enhance the look.

Loose Lay

This is a quick and easy system to install because it has a special backing that works as a grip on the underneath of the tile which will securely fix to many sub-floors. This type of vinyl doesn’t need underlay. It is super easy to repair or maintain and very hardwearing.