Laminate Floor Edging Options


The way that laminate boards fit together can really add to the overall appearance of the room. Edging styles include:

Square edge

Laminates that are finished with a square edge will fit together seamlessly without creating any gap between them. This creates a smooth, uniform floor that will create a continuous flow from plank to plank. Ideal for contemporary spaces.

Bevelled Edge

Where you would like to accentuate the look of each laminate board, then a bevelled edge is the best option. This creates a more traditional appearance, with a distinctive, V-shaped groove in between each board. A more informal style than the square edge that works well to conceal any gaps that can appear as the boards settle in.


If the traditional look or the bevelled edge is not for you, there’s the micro-bevelled finish which will accentuate each plank without the deep bevel groove that can be a magnet for debris and dust.