Laminate Toughness

Laminate flooring is one of the most hardwearing flooring types which is resistant to splashes, spills and water being brought in from the outdoors. It’s perfect for use in a bathroom, kitchen, or entrance hall. While it is resistant to water avoid leaving puddles of water on the surface of the floor. If you allow water to seep into the boards, the boards can begin to warp. If you are planning to use laminate in the bathroom, while it can withstand a certain level of water, it’s recommended that you choose a waterproof version.

The flooring is also resistant to scratches too. It has a tough outer layer which is resistant to scrapes, scratches and dents so it’s suitable for high traffic areas. If you do scratch the floor or there’s a little imperfection in the surface of the floor, you can use a laminate repair kit.