Luxury Vinyl (LVT) Edging Options

As with laminates and solid wood floors, luxury vinyl tiles also provide the luxury of having different edging around each tile. There are typically three options when it comes to the edge of the tile, bevelled, micro-bevelled and square.


With a square edged tile, they will lock tightly together creating an unbroken transition from tile to tile. This offers a more consistent look across the entire surface of the floor. It’s considered to be more modern and it’s also great from a maintenance perspective too. Some vinyl tiles can be purchased with the appearance of a bevel edge but they are smooth so this is an option to explore to see if it’s something that would work for you.

Bevelled Edge

Tiles can also be supplied as an actual bevel edge. This is a small groove in between each tile, and it allows each tile to be clearly distinguished. Sometimes with wear, small gaps can appear between the tiles, but the bevelled edge can hide these, so they are not as apparent.

Feature Strips

Vinyl flooring can also be supplied with feature strips. A feature strip is a piece of vinyl which can be laid between the tiles which look like tile grout, and they can create an impressive finish.