Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) Room Suitability

Vinyl tiles are a popular choice of flooring product because they are flexible and hard wearing and suitable for a variety of settings.

Living Room

You might not think that vinyl tiles would be suitable for a living room, but they are. Living rooms often have a consistent temperature, low footfall and low moisture level making them suitable for this type of flooring.


A popular choice in the kitchen, luxury vinyl tiles are resistant to scratching and dents as well as splashes from cooking and water, making it an excellent choice.


Vinyl tiles are one of the most waterproof floor products making them the ideal solution for bathrooms where the floors are often splashed with water. The tiles are also available in a range of styles and colours so you can choose one that works well with your existing bathroom colour scheme.


Luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for a conservatory because they remain unaffected by changes in temperature.

Underfloor Heating

While you can use vinyl tiles with underfloor heating, you will need to be a little cautious. This type of flooring won’t work well when the temperature reaches 27 Celsius or more.


The fluctuations in temperature that are commonplace in a basement make vinyl tile floors a perfect choice.


Due to the nature of vinyl floors it’s not recommended that they are used for stairs.