Parquet Flooring Finishes

The finish of the parquet flooring will depend on the final look that you want to achieve. There are multiple finishes that you can choose from including:

Matt Lacquer

A matt finish on the flooring will create a natural, elegant appearance and create a strong coating. It’s not as shiny as some of the other finishes but it does look like a wax or oil finish. Matt lacquer also makes the floor more resistant to scratches. When lacquer is applied it will slow down the speed at which the floor changes colour over time when exposed to sunlight.

Natural Oil

One of the most traditional methods of finishing a floor, natural oil creates a classic, natural look for the parquet floor. That said, oil will need to be reapplied more often than lacquer, but the process of application is straightforward. It is important to be aware that natural oil doesn’t offer as much protection as some of the other finishes, particularly when it comes to exposure to sunlight.


The final finish or lack of, is an unfinished version of the floor. Some floors can be bought unprotected so they are ready for you to coat with whatever protective finish you would like.