Solid Wood Flooring Finishes

Solid wood flooring must be finished in the right way. This is a varnish like layer that is applied to the surface. Each finish will create a unique appearance and will offer varying levels of protection depending on the finish you choose.

Satin Lacquer – One of the most popular finishes, with a slightly glossy look, satin creates a smooth finish to the floor. Minimal maintenance, all lacquered finishes are scratch and splash resistant and will reduce the colour changing effects that result from direct sunlight much more than oiled floors.

Matt Lacquer – Matt lacquer isn’t as glossy and creates an elegant, natural finish to the floor. It has an appearance like a wax or oil finish but has a higher degree of resistance to scratches. This is the most popular choice of finishing when it comes to solid wood floors.

Natural Oil – The most traditional option for finishing solid wood, this creates a classic yet natural look. Oil needs to be applied more frequently than lacquer and oiled floors offer a lower level of protection against sunlight meaning that it will change colour at a quicker rate.

Unfinished – Some types of solid wood floors can be bought as ‘unfinished’. This means that they are unprotected without any oil or lacquer allowing you to apply the finish of your choice.