Solid Wood Flooring Thickness & Width

Solid wood floors are quite a bit thicker than laminates or other floor coverings. They can range in thickness from 14mm through to 22mm. The thickness of the floor enables it to last a long time and provides scope for the boards to be sanded and refinished multiple times. While thicker boards will have a longer lifespan but consider the floor area you are replacing. Sometimes if you are replacing the flooring on a shallow area you may want to choose a thinner option to avoid height differences between different areas.

Solid Wood Widths

As well as the thickness of the board, the width is important too because this will determine how much coverage you will get per pack. Most solid wood floors range in width from between 150mm to 190mm. A top tip when choosing the width of the board is to consider the room that you are working with. Smaller planks can give the appearance of space and make a room look bigger. The opposite is true for bigger boards, with wider boards looking better in spacious rooms. Every home is different and it’s often down to personal choice. Whichever width and thickness that you choose, all boards meet the same high-quality standards.