Parquet Flooring Styles: A Comprehensive Overview

Stepping into the realm of parquet flooring is like opening a door to centuries of craftsmanship, history, and evolution. A distinguished choice in the flooring world, parquet isn't about the interplay of wooden blocks; it's a tale of art, architecture, and a personal statement of style. In this extensive guide, we delve deep into the myriad styles of parquet flooring, exploring its nuances and helping you make an informed choice.

1. The Historical Context of Parquet Flooring

Originating from the French word 'parqueterie,' which translates to 'small compartment,' parquet's beginnings trace back to the 16th century. Initially used as an alternative to marble flooring in France's grand chateaux, it quickly garnered acclaim for its intricate patterns and the innate warmth of wood.

2. The Classic Herringbone Pattern

One of the most recognized and cherished styles, herringbone, is characterized by rectangular blocks set in a staggered zig-zag pattern, akin to the arrangement of fish bones - from which it derives its name. This symmetrically repetitive style is beloved for its elegance and the dynamic perspective it adds to spaces.

3. The Refined Chevron Design

Frequently mistaken for herringbone, the chevron pattern is defined by its continuous V-shaped design. Each plank is meticulously cut at an angle, ensuring that when set end-to-end, they form a straight line. It's a style that elongates rooms, making them seem more spacious and grander.

4. The Basket Weave Intricacy

A pattern that truly highlights the versatility of wood, the basket weave design brings forth images of interwoven baskets. Square and rectangular blocks interlock in an alternating vertical and horizontal orientation, creating a distinctive and playful visual appeal.

5. The Traditional Versailles Pattern

Taking its name from the renowned Palace of Versailles, where it was first used, this pattern is emblematic of royal opulence. Featuring a symmetrical square design with intricate interlocking patterns inside, it's a style that speaks of grandeur and luxury.

6. The Modern Brick Pattern

Mimicking the layout of bricks on a wall, the brick pattern is a more contemporary take on parquet flooring. The rectangular blocks are laid in a staggered manner, much like traditional brickwork, bestowing a rustic charm to spaces.

7. Exploring Exotic Patterns

Apart from the more mainstream styles, craftsmen worldwide have been experimenting and introducing newer, more exotic patterns. From the geometrically challenging rhombus designs to the swirling motifs of the rosette pattern, parquet continues to evolve and inspire.

8. Custom Creations: Personalizing Parquet

With the advancements in woodwork techniques, there's a rising trend of customized parquet designs. Homeowners now have the liberty to conceptualize unique patterns, turning their floors into personalized pieces of art.

9. Choosing a Style: Factors to Consider

Selecting a parquet style is a blend of personal aesthetics and room dynamics. Here are some considerations:

  • Room Size and Dimensions: Patterns like chevron can make a room appear more expansive, while intricate designs like Versailles might be more suited for larger rooms.

  • Lighting: The interplay of light with different patterns can alter the room's ambiance. Herringbone, with its zig-zag orientation, can create dynamic shadow play, adding depth to spaces.

  • Décor and Furniture: Your existing décor can either complement or contrast your chosen parquet style. A minimalistic room might benefit from the busyness of basket weave, while a heavily decorated room might find balance in a simpler brick pattern.

10. The Evolving Landscape of Parquet Styles

The world of parquet isn't static. As interior design trends shift so do parquet styles. The current trends lean towards a fusion of traditional and contemporary, with old patterns being revisited and redefined for the modern home.


Parquet flooring, with its myriad styles, stands testament to the idea that the ground beneath our feet can be as stylish as it is functional. From the hallowed halls of Versailles to the cozy confines of a modern studio apartment, parquet remains a timeless choice, a reflection of history, art, and personal style. As you tread the path of selecting a parquet style, let this guide illuminate your journey, ensuring every step you take is a step towards beauty and elegance.