Laminate Flooring Room Suitability

Laminate flooring is a versatile product that works in many different rooms. In this section we summarise where it can be used around the home.

Living Rooms

The construction of laminate flooring and its appeal makes it a popular choice for many customers. Its durability means that it can be fitted in living spaces such as main living rooms and reception areas and can withstand everything that’s thrown at it. As well as being resistant to wear and tear, it can also cope with the fluctuations in temperature. It’s also available in a variety of distinctive styles to replicate a real wood look or even tiles if that’s what you prefer. 


The kitchen is a busy place which makes laminate an ideal choice. It can cope with everyday use as well as splashes and changes in moisture levels. You can choose from either tile or wood to reflect your unique style so it’s a great option for kitchens.


You might not think that laminate would be suitable for a bathroom, but they are, if of course you choose a waterproof option. Technology has evolved a lot since the early days of laminate. The flooring will give the aesthetic of real wood but with all the benefits of being waterproof.


The conservatory is one of those places where the temperature can fluctuate a lot. Laminate is great because it is a material that can withstand the temperature changes without warping. It also has a click or locking mechanism making it super easy to lift if you ever need to access the conservatory sub-floor.

Underfloor Heating

Ideal for use with underfloor heating systems, provided that the right underlay is used. These underlays are important because they allow the heat to flow through, so you get the benefits of a heated floor, while providing the protection that’s needed.


You will find that laminates work perfectly well in basements too. Just be aware that a basement floor is often made of concrete so you will need to fit a damp-proof membrane (DPM) before installing the laminate.


Modern laminates are suitable for use on staircases if you wish to have a more hardwearing surface than carpet. They are stable and have enough grip, so they are appropriate. Remember that if you are installing it on the stairs you will need to use matching stair nosing to achieve a seamless finish.