Engineered Flooring Surface Textures

Engineered wood floors can be bought with a range of different textures to their surfaces including smooth, distressed, or textured.


To achieve a textured look, you will need to treat each board with a wire brush. When the board is brushed, it will enhance the grain, making it more pronounced and deeper. It also makes the wood a little more robust in terms of scratches. Often combined with a natural oil or matt lacquer finish.


If you prefer an aged appearance and a unique look to your flooring, then distressed might be a desirable choice. That said, to achieve the distressed look, the process does require a lot of labour, but with the right technique it achieves an incredible aged effect giving the flooring a great deal of character and appeal.


Flooring that offers a more uniform aesthetic would benefit from a smooth surface. Boards are sanded until achieving a smooth surface before being finished. While it does offer a smooth surface, the boards are still unique because of the grain in each board.