Engineered Flooring Thickness/Width

The thickness and width of your flooring is an important consideration before you decide to buy. While the thickness can affect the overall feel of the flooring, the width of the boards needs careful consideration depending on the room where you are installing the flooring.

Thickness of Engineered Flooring

Thicker boards are always best and engineered wood is no exception. There are several different thicknesses that you can choose from, with the thinnest being 7mm and the thickest 22mm. Thicker boards often feel more substantial when walking over the surface and they often have a thicker top layer. The thicker the top layer, the more times the floor can be sanded and restored to its as new condition. Although the initial cost may be more, it’s more cost effective over the long term.

Width of Engineered Flooring

Boxes of engineered flooring will include boards which range in width from 130mm up to 300mm. The width that you choose doesn’t affect the longevity or durability of the flooring, it's down to what you prefer. Smaller boards can give rooms the appearance of space while larger boards are better suited to larger rooms. The effect you want to create will determine which boards are the best choice.