Parquet Flooring Underlay

The underlay is important when you are installing flooring and there are several types depending on your requirements.


For areas where noise reduction is important, an acoustic underlay can reduce sound from travelling through or across the flooring. This type of underlay can quieten footsteps which is great if you intend to install the parquet flooring upstairs in a bedroom or study.


Where saving energy is your preference, thermal insulation would be the ideal choice. Although many types of insulation will offer a certain degree of thermal insulation, some of them are specifically designed to provide a higher level of insulation against heat loss.

Underfloor Heating

Although you can use lots of different underlays with your underfloor heating systems, you will want to ensure that as much heat as rises through the floor. Paper felt or foam underlays are the most effective because they add a thin layer of protection while allowing the heat to transfer through, keeping the floors comfortably warm.

Damp Proof Membrane

Where parquet floors are installed over a water based underfloor heating system or directly onto concrete, you will need to install a damp-proof membrane. This will prevent water from rising and damaging the floor. Over time this can cause flooring to warp or distort.