Engineered Room Suitability

Engineered wood flooring can be used in many different rooms due to its versatility. Whether you are thinking of changing the flooring in your living room or giving your kitchen a flooring makeover, engineered wood will look great.

Living Room

Engineered floors are excellent for living rooms because they have low moisture levels, low traffic and they are often kept at a consistent temperature. They also look great too.


Although the three-layered design of engineered flooring can withstand moisture, it is recommended that spillages are dried up quickly rather than being left to soak in. Oiled engineered floors are not recommended for kitchens because they have a lower water resistance threshold. If you are interested in a similar look, then matt lacquered floors provide a greater level of protection.


Engineered floors do offer a certain degree of moisture resistance but it is strongly advised that you don’t use it in bathrooms. When water is left to sit on a wooden floor it can find its way between the boards causing them to become damaged. It’s much better to opt for a waterproof laminate that are sold with a water warranty.


Conservatories are prone to fluctuations in temperature. Engineered flooring is suitable as it can withstand these changes.

Underfloor Heating

If you have underfloor heating installed, engineered flooring can cope very well. The design of the flooring with its three layers will prevent the floor from shrinking or swelling as the temperature falls and rises. 


If you have a basement that has been converted or one that you use for storage, the flooring may be different to what it is in the rest of the house. That said, engineered wood flooring would still be suitable for basements and it would look incredible too.


If your stairs are prone to wear and tear, then carpet might not be the best choice. Hard wood flooring such as solid wood and engineered wood is the perfect solution because not only is it low maintenance and long lasting it also offers the stability and grip that you need for everyday use.