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The artistry and individuality inherent in solid wood flooring not only stems from the species of wood chosen but also from the unique grain patterns. These grains, known as 'grades,' in the flooring industry, are influenced by a multitude of factors such as the location of the tree, the type of wood, and the natural defects present in the boards. The grade of the grain significantly contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space, offering a spectrum of appearances from the refined elegance of a prime grade to the rugged charm of a rustic grade.

Prime Grade – The epitome of uniformity and sophistication, prime grade flooring displays a regular grain with a consistent appearance and minimal colour variation. This grade is characterized by its scarcity of knots and the complete absence of checks - cracks across the growth ring. When installed, prime grade wood flooring brings an air of seamless elegance and understated charm to the room. It's an excellent choice for those who appreciate the beauty of wood but prefer a clean, unblemished finish.

Natural Grade – Embracing the authentic charm of nature, natural grade flooring exhibits a more characterful appearance, complete with a larger number of knots and slight colour variations compared to the prime grade. The presence of checks and swirling grain patterns add further to its distinctive allure. This grain grade, with its charming imperfections and lively patterns, infuses a room with a genuine, down-to-earth atmosphere.

Rustic Grade – The rustic grade is the most character-filled of all flooring types. With its abundance of knots, colour variations, streaks, wormholes, and grooves, it presents a uniquely natural aesthetic that is a celebration of wood's organic beauty. Any wormholes present can be easily filled with a wood filler to create a flat, smooth surface, if desired. The rustic grade, with its vibrant and dynamic appearance, adds an inviting, warm, and homely feel to any space.

Choosing the grade of your solid wood flooring is as crucial as picking the wood species. Whether you opt for the uniform elegance of the prime grade, the natural allure of the natural grade, or the unrefined charm of the rustic grade, each will bring a distinct personality and feel to your room. The key is to choose a grade that aligns with your desired aesthetic and comfort.