Solid Wood Flooring Grain Options

As you browse and compare the distinct types of solid wood flooring you may notice that you can also choose from multiple types of grain. In the industry this is known as ‘grades. The grain of the flooring is based on several factors including the location, type and defects that are present in the boards. The grain has a significant impact on the overall aesthetic in the room.

Prime Grade – You will notice that a prime grade flooring type will feature a regular grain that has quite a consistent appearance and minimal variation in terms of colour. It will also have few knots and no checks. A check is a crack across the growth ring. When installed, this grade will provide a consistent look and feel in the room.

Natural Grade – This grain reflects is name, in that it has a more ‘natural’ appearance, including more knots than the prime grade and a slight colour variation. It may also have a few checks in the boards as well as swirling grain patterns.

Rustic Grade – The most unique of all the flooring types, rustic grade will have the most knots, colour variations, streaks, worm holes and grooves, creating a truly natural aesthetic. Where there are worm holes, you can easily fill these with a wood filler to create a flat, smooth surface.