Solid Wood Flooring Room Suitability

Although solid wood flooring is great for many different rooms in your home, it’s not suitable for all of them. Here is an overview of where it works best and where it doesn’t.

Living Room

Living rooms typically have a consistent temperature and low moisture levels making them ideal for solid wood floors.


The very nature of the kitchen as the hub of activity would make you think that solid wood floors would be an excellent choice. However, it’s best to avoid them in the kitchen area. Changes of temperature with cooking and appliances operating as well as spills and splashes won’t be great for your flooring. Solid wood flooring is prone to warping when it is exposed to humidity and water.


As lovely as a solid wood floor would look in a bathroom, it’s certainly not the place. With wet floors from showers and baths, splashes from the sink or bath time makes it less than ideal. You can achieve a similar look with other flooring types though, it’s just they won’t be solid wood. 


Hallways make the perfect location for solid wood floors. What better way to create a great impression with some high quality solid wood flooring. The temperature will usually be quite consistent in the hallway and the hardwearing nature of the solid wood floor would make it perfect for high traffic areas.


Most stairs are carpeted but if you want a more hardwearing option, solid wood is perfect. It’s a material that remains durable and strong enough to withstand wear and tear on staircases and it provides sufficient amounts of grip to avoid slipping.