Solid Wood Flooring Style Options

Solid wood floors are very versatile, offering a range of styles such as single strip, multi strip and parquets.

Single Strip Flooring – A single plank or one strip board is one of the most popular types of solid wood floor. This style is created by taking a single piece of wood from the tree and then using this to create a board. The design of single strip flooring reflects the stunning detail of the natural grain and structure of the wood. Single plank floors are best if you want to create the illusion of space.

Multi Strip Flooring – With multi-strip flooring, smaller pieces of wood from the tree are taken and combined to create a single board. Smaller pieces are often easier to find than single pieces, so they are a more affordable option. These too can create a sense of space when installed.

Solid Parquet – The aesthetic for this type of flooring is created from a lot of small blocks of the same shape which are set out in a geometrical pattern across the floor. Parquet flooring creates a sense of luxury and sophistication often associated with large official buildings or country estates. One of the best types of flooring to make a statement. While there are many different designs, the most widely used is the Herringbone.