LVT Vinyl Adhesives

There may be a requirement to use adhesives for your luxury vinyl depending on what type you want to use. There are multiple adhesives and the one that you use will depend on the type of vinyl you are working with.

General Use Adhesive

Most typical use adhesives are suitable for use around the house, but there are formulas that make them suitable for the vinyl flooring. Always check that the adhesive is compatible before you start to use it.

High Temperature Adhesive

If there’s a room in your home that gets particularly hot, or you are installing vinyl flooring over underfloor heating, these types of adhesives can withstand the heat.

Moisture Resistant Adhesive

This is usually a two-part, epoxy resin which forms an extra strong bond between the vinyl tile and the sub-floor. Ideally suited for use in high moisture areas such as bathrooms.