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In addition to species, engineered wood flooring also comes in a variety of different grain patterns or grades. The grading process categorises the boards based on the number of visible knots, defects, and colour variations, all of which contribute to the overall aesthetic of the flooring. Let's take a closer look at the different grain types available for engineered wood flooring:

Prime Grade

Prime grade engineered wood displays minor colour variations, offering a uniform and consistent grain throughout. It occasionally features tiny knots and checks (small surface splits), enhancing the wood's uniformity. This grade provides a sophisticated and clean look to any space, making it ideal for contemporary and minimalist interior designs.

Natural Grade

Natural grade, similar to the prime grade, maintains minimal colour variation. The key difference lies in its cleaner aesthetic due to the minimal presence of knots and the absence of checks. This grade offers a smooth and consistent appearance, perfect for those seeking an uncluttered, natural wood aesthetic.

Rustic Grade

The rustic grade carries the essence of the wood's natural beauty, showcasing significant colour variations, knots, streaks, and wormholes. This grade offers a more authentic and traditional appearance, perfect for those seeking a more 'lived-in' or country aesthetic. Wormholes, though distinctive, can be easily filled with high-quality wood filler to maintain the floor's smooth surface while preserving its rustic character.

Character Grade

As the name suggests, character grade flooring is abundant in character. It often showcases significant colour variations, knots, mineral streaks, wormholes, checks, figuring (decorative wood markings), and large grain burls (rounded outgrowths on a tree trunk). This grade offers a dynamic and captivating aesthetic, perfect for spaces where you want the floor to take center stage and inject personality into the room.

In conclusion, the grain or grade of your engineered wood flooring significantly contributes to the room's overall aesthetic. Each grade carries its unique attributes and character, enabling you to select the best fit based on your design preference and desired ambiance.