Engineered Flooring Grain Options

As well as the different species of flooring, engineered wood is available in a variety of different grains or grades as they are sometimes known. The boards are classified by their type, number of defects in the board and location. Grain is an important consideration because it can have an overall impact on the room’s aesthetic. Grain types for engineered wood flooring include:

Prime Grade

With a little colour variation, prime grade will feature a regular grain which is quite consistent throughout. It features few checks and tiny knots which creates a uniform look to the floor once installed.

Natural Grade

The grain in natural grade is a little different, although there isn’t much colour variation in the boards. It has a few knots and no checks. This too also gives the boards a more consistent appearance.


The rustic aesthetic of the engineered wood is created by the presence of colour variations, knots, streaks, and worm holes. This gives the flooring a more natural appearance. It’s the most popular choice of engineered wood flooring and is perfect if you are installing it in a country property. The worm holes can be easily filled in with an excellent quality wood filler to retain the smooth surface of the floor.


The final option that is available is character flooring. As you can imagine the name reflects the style of the floor, in that it’s full of character. Often, it will include significant colour variations, lots of knots, mineral streaks, worm holes, checks, figuring and large grain burls. All these factors will give the flooring its character, hence the name.