Solid Wood Flooring Edging Options

You might not know that you can choose how each board is edged. The edging will help to create the overall aesthetic over the surface of the floor. There are many types of edging which are summarised in this section. The edging that you choose will depend on the final look that you are hoping to achieve.

Square Edge – With a square edge, all of the boards are in unison and meet to create a uniform, smooth surface that blends the surface together as it moves from board to board. A more contemporary look that offers a more formal finish.  

Bevelled Edge – A bevelled edge will clearly differentiate each board, reflecting a more traditional finish. Bevelled edges are quite distinctive with a v shaped groove in between each board. They are more informal and can help to hide any small gaps that appear between the boards.

Micro-Bevelled Edge – While bevelled edges look great, they can become traps for dust and debris. Micro-bevelled edging will reduce the size of the bevel giving it a subtle difference between each plank but not as deep as the traditional bevelled edge.