Solid Wood Flooring Tools & Aftercare

Effective installation of solid wood floors depends on the tools that you need, and the lifespan of the floor can be prolonged with the right care and maintenance.

Tools – If you are installing the solid wood floor yourself, you will need the right equipment. We offer a comprehensive selection of solid wood flooring installation kits, tools and gadgets that make the job so much easier. From cutting knives to clips for holding things in place through to glue applicators and spreading tools, we stock everything you need.

Aftercare – Once the installation process is complete you can stand back and marvel at your new floor. Giving your floor the care that it needs will not only keep it looking great for a longer time, but it will also maintain its condition too. The highest quality aftercare products make all the difference, whether you are looking for day to day cleaning and care products through to scratch repair. Everything is covered to keep your floors in the best possible condition for the longest possible time.