Engineered Wood Flooring Species Options

Engineered floors are available in a variety of options when it comes to wood species. Some of them include:


As the most popular choice of engineered wood flooring, Oak is available in many distinct colours too. Its popularity is due to the timeless aesthetic that it offers, with distinctive, swirling, and straight patterns in the grain with an almost silvery texture. The classic look is further enhanced with rays and knotting which are common in oak species. Direct sunlight will make the flooring darken over time.


As a darker flooring, walnut creates a sense of luxury. What makes it quite distinguishable is the attractive burrs, knots and grain patterns that are unique to walnut flooring. Combined, they create a real statement floor that adds appeal and interest to the room. The graining patterns on walnut floors are either straight or irregular, or a combination of the two. All these features give walnut a lot of variation and interest in comparison with some of the other types of engineered wood. When exposed to sunlight it will become lighter in time.


If your preference steers more towards the lighter end of the spectrum, then Ash would be the perfect choice. It’s a flexible yet strong type of flooring which is best described as a creamy type of wood. It has a moderately open grain with bold, straight lines and distinctive patterns and markings which add to its overall interest. When it is exposed to sunlight it will become darker as it ages.


A pale kind of flooring with a subtle pink tone along with a speckled surface. Light flecks within the grain give the floor character and make it a little different to the traditional types of flooring. Beech floors are ideal for high traffic areas because it can resist dents. With a similar strength to oak, the grain is more regular. Sunlight will darken the colour over time.


The Jatoba variety of engineered wood is known for its strength and visually appealing colours. It is one of the most well-liked wooden floors that are available in the exotic range. It has a dark, deep, reddish hue giving it an unusual yet impressive appearance.


Maple is a flooring with a lighter tone a pale timber with soft figuring and graining which creates a light, bright, airy appearance. It is one of the hardest woods that you can find, and it is exceptionally durable. If you are looking for a light but warm floor, Maple is the perfect choice as it suits most styles and room types.


Unique in character and distinctive in its appearance, cherry wood floors have a quite uniform texture with colours ranging from reddish brown to golden with deep colours throughout the wood. It is quite a soft wood and will darken as it ages.


Also known as Australian Eucalyptus, Jarrah varies from pinkish tones through to deep mahogany. With a smooth surface and a straight grain, it will change colour and become a reddish brown or purple the older it gets.