Parquet Flooring Tools & Aftercare

The right tools and aftercare is important to make sure that you prolong the lifespan of your flooring.


If you are completing the flooring installation yourself, you will need a suitable toolkit that’s right for parquet flooring. You can find a range of installation kits and equipment to facilitate the installation process. From cutting knives to clips for securing the floor in place through to glue spreaders and applicators, there’s plenty of tools to choose from to make the installation process so much easier.


When the flooring is finished, a diligent care and maintenance routine will help keep your floor in the best condition for the longest possible time. There are lots of aftercare products in the industry that you can apply to your flooring for every situation from cleaning to routine care.

As well as cleaning routines, if you do damage the floor with a scratch or scuff, you can purchase a repair kit that will fill in any defects.