Parquet Trims & Profiles

Trims and profiles are great additions to your flooring, and they mark the transition between several types of floors. They can also be used to cover gaps between flooring or address height differences. The trims can be bought to match the parquet flooring that you choose.

Threshold Trims

Between doorways of different rooms, you may have two types of floors that meet. As they do there may be a gap or a differing height so a threshold trim will be the best option.

Ramp Trim

Sometimes the difference in height between floors can be significant. A ramp trim can be used to create a smooth transition between the two types of floors.

Edge Trim

Suitable for use where the floor meets objects such as patio doors, door mats or fire hearths. An edge trim will create a neat finish.

Pipe Covers

If you have central heating in your home, there may be pipework that runs up from the floor. Parquet flooring will need to be fitted around these pipes. Holes around the pipes can be covered with a convenient pipe cover. Usually supplied in two halves, the covers can be glued together which fit loosely on the floor.