Solid Wood Flooring Surface Textures

Solid wood floors can be bought with either a textured or smooth surface. There are subtle differences between the two and these are explained in more detail.

Textured Flooring - Texture can be created on the solid wood flooring by applying a wire brush to the surface of the board. This technique will create a more visible, deeper grain. It also increases scratch resistance. Often finished with a matt lacquer or natural oil.

Distressed Flooring – A distressed floor will give the boards a unique appearance and almost aged look. Creating this finish is labour intensive and takes a lot of time. It is achieved by skillfully scraping and bashing the floor but the aged effect at the end is impressive and gives the floor a lot of character.

Smooth Flooring – Offering a more unique finish, smooth boards are consistent in terms of surface texture while each having their own grain, creating a unique yet uniform floor.

The techniques above can be achieved with the right approach. It’s important that if you are looking to achieve a textured or distressed look, you work with someone who is suitably skilled and experienced in these methods.