Solid Wood Colour Options

The colour of your flooring will need to match the interior styling of your home, and with solid wood floors you have so many colour options to choose from. Floors are also suitable for staining too so you can achieve the perfect colour. There are two main types of colouring for the solid wood floor: dark stain and light stain.

Dark Stain – When you apply a darker stain you can create a floor that looks like a deep, brown, black, or even golden colour. Dark stained floors would be ideal in a country property, reflecting its vintage character. Darker floors are also better at hiding dirt and dust than lighter stained floors.

Light Stain – With a lighter stain you can recreate an almost whitewashed appearance. Light floors are best suited to contemporary spaces or houses that are particularly dark because they can reflect the light and make the room look much brighter. Lighter floors are better at hiding dents and scratches too.