Solid Wood Trims & Profiles

Trims are used to mark the space between different types of floors. They can be used to address height differences and also gaps in between floors. There are a variety of trims to choose from including:

Threshold Trims – Suitable for use when the floor meets another floor, and they are both the same height.

Ramp Trims – Best used when the solid wood floor meets another surface which is a different level, either higher or lower.

Edge Trims – Used when the floor meets a patio door, a door mat or the hearth on the fire

Stair Nosing – Where solid floors are installed on stairs, you will need to apply stair nosing to cover the edge of the stair for a smooth transition.

Carpet and Tile Trims – Versatile trims which are suitable for use to joint two floors at different heights such as carpet and tile or a thinner floor.

Pipe Covers – These are made to match the colour of your solid wood floor and they come in two halves, used to fit around radiator pipes and to cover the expansion gap. It is recommended that you glue the two halves of the pipe cover together and let them sit freely on the surface of the floor.